Do you know how you really are? Are you as open-minded as Kim,
as extroverted as Robin or holding-back like Jo?
This test helps you to get to know yourself better.

Do you sometimes go to the cinema on your own?
Never. I go to the cinema with friends and talk about the film later. It depends on the situation, and the film. Very often. I like to concentrate completely on the film.
You are alone in a club. What do you do?
I look for my friends. I order a drink, stand next to the dancefloor and try to catch someone's eye. I stay at the bar and go home early.
You are in a restaurant looking at the menu. How do make up your mind?
It might take a while. I have to discuss the choice with the others. I choose something which I've never had. That's easy. I always order Schnitzel anyway.
How do you feel about having your picture taken?
How do you feel about having your picture taken? a That's nothing special for me. I know that I'm photogenic. I prefer spontanous snapshots. I don't like to have to pose. I usually try to avoid it.
Do you have a personal style in clothing?
Fashion is communication. But most importantly clothes have to reflect my personality. I decide what to wear in the morning to suit my mood. I like clothes without any particular fashion. The classics suit me best anyway.
What kind of travelling do you like to do?
My last trip to egypt was perfect. In the morning diving in the red sea, and in the evening candlelight dinners on a Nile cruise. Foreign cultures, new people - I would love to spend the whole year travelling. I am looking for genuine nature. I like to expose myself to extreme situations to really feel myself.
After a long working day...
... I like to go to a restaurant with my friends. ... I like to cook. That's the best way to relax. ... I have a sandwich in front of the news.
What does friendship mean to you?
I have a large number of friends. I am good at meeting new people. Friendship is very important to me. I can rely on my friends a hundred percent. Friends are important. But I have no problem being on my own.
Your company has to fire some employees. How do you react?
I make myself unreplaceable, but also check on other options. I have an open word with my boss. We get along very well. I keep things quiet. To talk to the works council will get you fired right away.
Would you participate in "be yourself!"?
Sure. It's a great experience. I am myself anyway. Why not on tv? It's appealing. But I would even prefer to be behind the cameras.
What's your favourite communication tool?
Anything which is fast. My next buy is a mobile phone with integrated video-conferencing. E-Mail is very practical, but I prefer having a face-to-face interaction. My telephone - when it's unplugged.
You happen to get 10 000 Euro. What do you do with it?
I buy a used sportscar. I will invest part of it and the rest will pay for a nice party with friends. I use it for updating my computer system and buying a flatscreen tv.
Mostly A
Mostly B
Mostly C